Rhythm of the Ocean has moved many of us who love the ocean's majestic beauty. Here's what some people are saying about this unique, and awe-inspring book:

"Nathan sings the music of the sea, on a joyful ride that sweetens on every page."
--Mickey Muñoz, Legendary Surfer and Shaper

"I was blown away! Awesome stuff, well written, vivid. Nathan expresses, in a powerful and accessible style, observations and feelings that all lovers of the ocean and beach have experienced."
--Gerald Sanders, The Tornadoes, Lead Vocals & Bassist

"Fascinating, engaging, and riveting. Nathan portrays the magnificence of the ocean in a flowing, peaceful, and exquisite manner."
--"Kahuna" Bob Edwards

"Nathan’s vivid and moving characterization of the sea inspires one to visit the shore, surf, swim or dive in its cool waters, and provide stewardship to protect it from the follies of man."
--Mark Gold, Executive Director, Heal the Bay