Excerpts : Wipeoutís Evil Wrath

The following material is Copyright © by Nathan Cool, 2006, all rights reserved. If you would like to use this passage, please contact the author for details.

Wipeoutís Evil Wrath

Dropping down a screaming wave,
The crest above me shrieks,
Loudly, deep within its cave,
My balance falters weak.

With pitching lip, the turn comes late,
The wave turns into victor,
And I to meet my destined fate,
Soon punched by painís inflictor.

My board now gone, and I submerged,
In waters dark and churning,
Beaten by the oceanís scourge,
Flaying, tumbled turning.

As I fight to reach the surface,
In the breakerís aftermath,
I fear the gripping strong embrace,
Of wipeoutís evil wrath.