Excerpts : Surf's Reflection

The following material is Copyright © by Nathan Cool, 2006, all rights reserved. If you would like to use this passage, please contact the author for details.

Surf's Reflection

Sitting on the seashore,
Amongst the driftwood, gulls and shells,
A sandy home, sanctuary,
Where peaceful moments dwell.

A sea-washed log on which he sits,
Serves bench to the contender;
His game is done, and much was won,
While surfing nature’s splendor.

Gazing out upon the waves,
Peeling bands of blue and white,
Memories made, burned, engraved,
From on water, he took flight.

Feeling blessed, he bows his head,
Then opens up his eyes,
A pool of water’s at his feet,
Remnants of receding tides.

The pool is calmer than the sea,
From which its water came,
Peaceful, placid, smooth, serene,
His heart, it feels the same.

Drawn to this pool, he stops, and stares,
Sensing deep connection.
He sees more than just his image there;
He sees also surf’s reflection.